I’ve spent literally decades training in the hallowed halls of academia, in healing and therapy clinics and trainings around the world, as well as at my grandmother’s knee. She was a talented herbalist and taught me to heal with my hands. Similar to Reiki, but she just drew on “the Force” if you will, without complicated symbols or training.

I also trained for fifteen years with metís Missouri medicine man Corliss Raymond deLarm  and practice his line of magic and spiritual healing tradition.

So with me you get a literal magical blend of healing, confidence-keeping and brainstorming out of your toughest life, business or entrepreneurial emotional stuff.

I’ve been there, I get it and I have the tools to get you out of wherever you are.

I’ll also teach you everything I use so you can help yourself and teach others.

One of those things is my ETHOS Method which is free, and you can download here.

Others from my grab-bag of tools include a thirty year practice in positive and transpersonal psychology, Energy Medicine, my own Certified Energy Coach Program methods, and the magic of having been a miracle healer of the body and spirit several times over.

If you’re a Leader in social justice, women’s empowerment or anything that makes the world a better, happier and more peaceful place to live, you need a place to go and be healed yourself.

I’ve walked in your shoes, and I love supporting savvy, energetic women like you who are up to big things in the world and still, as adults, need deep nurture, to have a magical sister-aunt’s love and healing attention poured over and infused through your life and business. To have a mentor and healing field generator who will empower you, and give you the tools to transform yourself and others.

Sound like you? I’d love to short chat with you about it, see if I can help and refer you to my best resources for whatever it is you need right now.

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