You’re tired and you want to go home and you have workshop to lead. You’ll do it, over-deliver and get home at midnight with more work to do. And this is just Monday of a long year of Mondays, because your Message and help you offer are so important. You’re juggling home, family, assistants and helpers, launches, partnerships, and, and, and…all of that.

I know that stress, I’ve been there. In leading communities in human potential coaching, in the spiritual, energy psychology and educational fields and in human resources management.

Because you’re unique, the stuff that makes up whatever’s eating you is unique too. It’s both Achille’s Heel and the stuff of pure magic, because it makes you the uniquely powerful person you are.

I’ve been helping people like you deal with the stress of business, home life, spiritual and bodily healing for over thirty years, and would love to help you transmute the energy you don’t want into the life you’d rather have.

What I do is not therapy, much more than just coaching (though it includes that) and is absolutely transformative. At present, I do this kind of healing work with entrepreneurs who:

  • are open-minded and come from the Heart
  • have a business that helps the world
  • are passionate about your Great Work
  • have a Body of Work (blog, podcast, books, videos) you’re developing
  • are not in debt or suffering financially
  • take personal responsibility, show up and do the work
  • are generous in spirit and give credit where it’s due
  • have a developed personal practice (meditation, tai chi, yoga etc)

And deeply get, that investing in yourself and your health is the best bang for buck in terms of getting more clients, getting your message out there, working less and resting more…and pretty much everything else.

Let me help? I’d love to, if we’re a fit to work together.

I wrote the book on how to do Bliss & will not only update you on the vast improvement of my ETHOS Method, but teach you to get your peace of mind back, and deal with what’s aggravating you.

My doctor said on prescribing Prozac for me to attend my father’s funeral: “If it was me, and knowing your family? I’d go in armored with Kevlar®.”

I’ve created this blend of Energy Coaching, ManyPaths Healing and Deep Listening for you –  as Kevlar® for body, mind and soul in a chaotic world.

Book a time, sweetie. Let’s get you back on the street, revved & rarin’ to go!