Happy screencap from one of my Facebook Lives when I first moved to Berkeley, CA. 

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Greetings fellow space traveller! Maryam Webster, Magical Wordsmith, Marketing Psychologist, Energy Healer and Consciousness junkie, here. I’ve spent a lifetime training and honing my skills to offer you better branding and marketing copy that works with your budget, timeline and business needs.

If your peeps don’t yet get that you’re the Diva of Amazeville they’ve been looking for.

Or that You are The Solution that is exactly what they need.

If your Dream Clients don’t see themselves when they look at your blog, website, or sales pages – they don’t come to your business, shop or website.

I’m uniquely qualified to help you treat that condition. And on the way you’ll get healthier and happier too. Let’s talk about how I can help take a load off of you because let’s face it – marketing copywriting is a specific skill that most people don’t have and never have an opportunity to learn how to make work for them.

Especially if you’re a spiritual person, dealing with technologies of the sacred…

You’re dealing daily with different energies than the eye can see, which your clients won’t have the training or background to understand. How do you tell your Dream Clients what you’ve got under the hood, so they know the HUGE BENEFIT/S you are to them?

Because without knowing your Benefits, they can’t see why your classes, coaching and programs are actually a massive bargain they should scoop up right away!

I am a mischievous Awakened Woman, living in the Light. Love is my primary tool, as are patience, kindness and shutting the hell up and listening.

I can help you surface the specific facets of brilliance your people are looking for, and write to talk to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable to engage with what you offer Talk to me about it if this looks like a fit for you:

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If you’re a unique package like I am, there may not be handy words to describe what you do. So people who NEED you can’t find you.


I love helping you connect with your perfect clients heart-to-heart, through nailing your perfect Mythic Brand, writing your website to attract, your courses to teach deeply, and telling the beautiful story of your Heart-Forward business.

I am here to Empower your (r)Evolution, help you speak more deeply and effectively to your Dream Clients, and increase your own influence and income while doing the maximum good in the world.

I would truly be honored and super happyhappy to help, if I can.

Book a conversation with me here, to talk about it: