My online resume, and what folks find interesting to know…

Hi, my name is Maryam Webster. Yep, it’s my real name and no, I’m not related to the dictionary. However, I am a multiply published author, a trained researcher with advanced linguistic skills.  With dual degrees in Psychology, Marketing and Education, I’ve worked as a private practice psychotherapist over twenty years, as a business coach for almost as long, and as a teacher of both high school English, and English as a Second Language for foreign speakers.

At the core of my work is a career as an academic in both psychology and marketing. I blend my skills as a researcher with an incisive deep dive to “get to the core” of the key message in every piece I write.

I’ve collaborated on scores of white papers, academic theses and books in the areas of Psychology and Personal Wellness, Health and Healing, Energy Psychology and the new client-centered Energy Therapies, Personal and Team coaching and Spirituality. As just one examples, here’s my bio from the book 20 Masters of Emotional Freedom Technique (“tapping”) collaborated to write: Freedom At Your Fingertips.

What Makes Me A Uniquely Effective Choice For Your Business

I have thirty years as a psychologist focused intently on  not only what makes people take action, but importantly – what makes them NOT act, and how to kindly, with great heart and compassion, help them to see a better way. Pair that with twenty years in marketing at both the corporate and small business level, a published author of six books (working on a seventh) and you have a unique package you simply cannot find elsewhere.

Translate that to your sales page, your coaching breakthrough session sign-up page, your email sequence or a tough letter you need to write…but just don’t know how.

Let me take that worry off your plate, get the thing written so your ideal client SEES themself and KNOWS you are the right solution for them.

How I Can Help You Make More Money & Sign More Clients

In 1989, I had a catastrophic car accident that broke my back, and later broke both ankles as well. After breaking my back, doctors told me I’d never walk again.

I told them to fuck off. 

There it is, that word. Sometimes, you just have to say it, and mean it.

I did, for real, and It was the start of me learning to walk again. Sometimes a well-placed swear word or “Zinger” statement is the best answer, description or selling point. Sometimes it’s just posturing to stand out in an overcrowded media stream, or mistakenly following advice of the gurus who do.

Do you know when and how to use Zinger Statements, and when? Or when instead to  write a Love Letter to your audience?


  • When to praise them for taking action?
  • When to share real secrets and appropriately self-disclose?
  • When and how to tell your audience they are who you’ve been waiting for?
  • How to tell your peeps “I love you, man!” and have it be nurturing, not weird?

How do you know when’s too much? And what the right words are that YOUR Perfect Clients are just dying for you to say, to help them take action?

This is where my years of experience as a marketer, experience decoding psychologist and Director of Communications for several professional associations, comes in handy in being able to instantly spot and decode those important moments to hit, and what, in your voice, to say to them.

You don’t want to be potty-mouthed in a serious subject article, sales page or newsletter unless it’s your brand. And if it’s not your brand, and you’re throwing a few F-bombs in your copy because everyone does, then it can damage you. The wrong kind of “voice” in your website, sales page, email newsletter or other communication can hurt:

  • Your Message: because it won’t get across to the right people
  • Your Reputation: as an expert or authority on a subject
  • Your Bottom Line: too many off-brand words in a sales page or webinar script can tank sales

I’m excellent at spotting inconsistencies and bloat, and will help you whittle away everything that ISN’T your Message, your Voice, your Brand, and polishing up the words that will make you shine so your ideal clients can’t help but get in touch.

If you like the sound of that and are ready to finally have a website, sales page or other marketing piece that really represents you AND gets people in the door, book a chat with me & we’ll discuss it.