No Pressure. Especially financially.
If you’re like me you may have been coached by guru types, whose emphasis is their multi-figure business, expensive home, car, clothes and $20k mastermind. Like how much you spend is the most important thing.

Your net worth is not the most important thing in life – that’s not me.

I have an ethic of keeping my work accessible, only offering what you need, and working within your budget. Powerful leaders come in all shapes, sizes with budgets that span a range. The most important thing is where you’re putting your heart, and how much Love you leave. I’ll work to customize what you need, to what you can spend on it, so you can spread your Love, Help & Healing further. That’s a promise.

I deeply believe in the power of the Transformation you have to offer the world, and stand behind you in support. After you’ve started generating a comfortable income but still need help to juggle and shape the moving parts (or do a total rebrand in a new direction) – that’s where I fit in to help. Let’s talk.

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